Importance of a Good Website

Importance of a Good Website

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Good Content = Good Website

When I see web traffic statistics, it often strikes me as pretty obvious that the importance of a good website lies on the very basics of content. But as I am constantly observing traffic statistics online, I’m beginning to notice that the results of a well-designed website can vary in a big way depending on how well the page is optimized for SEO.

This is usually the focus when it comes to developing a new website or redesigning an old one, and there is no doubt that SEO is important to that as well. What I am finding is that these days, you are quite often seeing a lot of emphasis on SEO without necessarily looking at what other elements of the website are doing.

I’ve been using a service to help me gather web traffic statistics on a regular basis. Some of these services are really great, some not so much. It seems that a good percentage of those that are offering up their services online offer this data in ways that are less than useful.

The kind of service that offers this kind of data is called a Web Analysis Service or a “Web Optimizer”. And while they are sometimes great for seeing what kind of traffic is coming to a website, I’ve found that their service can actually be a bit more important to the development of a website than the use of effective SEO. Why?

Because at the end of the day, it’s the Page Rank of the site that will be reflected on search engines. To reiterate, there are several different Search Engines that are available out there and the Page Rank is what is going to be shown by search engines to users when a user enters in a term related to what you’re offering.

Basically, that’s why it’s important to have a website that has the best ranking possible. The search engines want to pick a site that will create visitors and let them know that they’ll find your content interesting and useful, and then they’ll rank that site accordingly.

So what does this mean for us in terms of SEO?

Well, it means that we need to be making sure that we have pages on our site that will pull people into our site who are going to be interested in our content. Because the Page Rank is what is going to be displayed to them by the search engines, it should be the main reason why the website will get visited and ranked highly in the SERPs.

But just how do we make sure that we have the best content on our pages? How do we make sure that our content is the best? This is where it becomes important to do a little bit of SEO on our pages, and there are several services out there that can help with this too.

The basic idea is that when someone views a page on your site, the search engines will take note of the Page Rank and it will be what they are going to use to determine whether or not you are worthy of being considered relevant to the needs of your visitors. With this in mind, the first thing that a Web Optimizer service will do is create an optimized page for the visitor to visit.

  • Basically, the page is going to reflect what the visitor is after based on their search history and what the search engine thinks they’re after based on their on-page content.
  • And as we mentioned before, this is the reason why it’s important to have the best ranking possible.
  • Finally, I would also like to say that any website that is not getting visitors and rank high in the SERPs is not worth the effort.
  • It just shows that a website should be a better match for its visitors to make it a site that the visitors will like.