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Layouts of different overall web site designs.

ou, the client,
are a business owner and you probably don’t have time to fuss over a web site.
We are a small and highly specialized business and can spend the time making a
really interesting and impressive site.

For each client there will be a different approach to the overall design to their web site.
I believe the internet is a wonderful way to advertise a business, and your web site should be
basically an on-line brochure. You might only want a two page flyer, or a
complete 24 page glossy print brochure with products and prices.

There are quite a few questions we will ask to help us with a design approach.
Some of the factors are:

  • What type of content should there be?
  • How much or how little content?
  • How to navigate around the site?
  • What target audience to aim for?
  • Sell through the site or mostly promotional?
  • What areas might be updated or even automated?
  • Who will update in the future and how often?
  • How to promote your business on the internet?

Starting from the simplest versions, here follows examples of different approaches and layouts of web pages.